Modules Overview

Working alongside the emtoo core system are a number of optional modules to further enhance your system depending on your requirements. The following modules are currently available:

The diagram on the right shows how the optional modules relate to the core system.

emtoo Diagram showing Core System and Optional Modules

Fuel Cards

The Fuel Cards module enables you to issue and manage fuel cards to customers.

Features include:

  • Set up Fuel Card accounts.
  • Define operation of the card, including invoice details.
  • Manage individual card details.
  • Activiate or place card on-stop.
emtoo Screenshot emtoo Screenshot

Credit Cards

The Credit Cards module can be enabled to allow your emtoo system to accept Credit Card payments.

emtoo Screenshot

Direct Debits & Direct Credits

The Direct Debits & Direct Credits module enables you to accept Direct Debit payments from your customers, so no more chasing payments, this is all handled automatically for you.

Feature Include:

  • Create, edit and delete direct debits and credits.
  • Integrates with third-party BACS software or on-line banking website.
  • Create remittance as needed to be posted or emailed.
  • Automatically posts Direct Debits to relevant customer accounts.
emtoo Screenshot emtoo Screenshot

Cheque Printing

Print cheques directly from your emtoo system with this optional module, without the need to handwrite individual cheuqes.

Features include:

  • Automatically print to continuous cheque stationery.
  • Cheque numbers are automatically assigned to the the relevant remittance.
emtoo Screenshot

Boiler Maintenance

Enhance your product offering to your clients with the Boiler Maintenance module, enabling you to manage appointments directly within your emtoo system.

Features include:

  • Define all Boiler Maintenance contracts, including start & end dates, type of boiler and level of cover.
  • Generate an engineer call-out and log all associated details.
  • Allocate call-outs to a specific engineer.
  • Manage details of all call-outs including whether any parts were used or whether an invoice should be generated.
emtoo Screenshot


The Signalman module will automatically place orders from Signalman sensors for your customers.

Features include:

  • Integrates with Sensor System's Signalman technology to monitor tank-level readings.
  • Automatically creates an order in emtoo when the fuel reaches a pre-determined level.
  • Picks up an faults generated by the Signalman device to be communicated to Sensor System's engineers.
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