Core Product

Core System Overview

The emtoo core system consists of the following 4 primary modules:

Plus the following management functions:

The diagram on the right shows how the optional modules relate to the core system.

emtoo Diagram showing Core System and Optional Modules

CRM Functions

How you manage your customers can make or break your business and emtoo's Customer Relationship tools can help ensure you stay ahead of the game.


  • Account Maintenance
  • Account Enquiry
  • View Invoice
  • Debtor Letters
  • Customer Reports
  • Credit Limit Reports
emtoo Screenshot emtoo Screenshot emtoo Screenshot

Sales Functions

emtoo's powerful sales functions enable you to manage your business effectively. Designed for the fuel distribution industry, you won't need to change your business practices to fit in with someone else's sales processes.


  • Sales Ledger
  • Payments & Allocations
  • Sales Ledger Reports
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Load & Confirm
  • Vehicle & Driver Maintenance
  • Price Maintenance
  • Release Held Orders
  • Sales Order Reports
emtoo Screenshot

Stock Control

Built to manage individual litres of fuel and related products, emtoo's stock control features ensure you know where every litre of product is at any given time.


  • Product Maintenance
  • Product Groups
  • Location Maintenance
  • Stock Receipts, Rebrandings, Losses & Gains etc
  • Physical Dip Entry
  • Stock Reports
  • Stock Ledger
emtoo Screenshot emtoo Screenshot emtoo Screenshot

Purchases Functions

Manage your purchases with emtoo's built in Purchase Ledger and stay on top of your business's cash flow.


  • Purchase Ledger
  • Supplier Records Maintenance
  • Transactions
  • Journal Entry
  • Payments & Allocations
  • Purchase Ledger Reports
emtoo Screenshot


Stay in control of your finanaces with emtoo's complete financial systems.


  • Nominal Ledger
  • Account Maintenance
  • Journals
  • Nominal Reports
  • Bank Codes
  • Periodic Procedures
emtoo Screenshot

Management Information Systems

emtoo's management information systems help you to keep track of your profitable customers, your best reps and most efficient drivers.


  • Vehicle & Driver Efficiency Reporting
  • RDCO Returns
  • Rep Sales by Month
  • Customer Profit Summary
emtoo Screenshot


Powerful utilities options allow you to set up your emtoo system to suit your business.


  • Menu Maintenance
  • User Reports
  • Settlement Code Maintenance
  • Calendar Maintenance
  • Depot Maintenance
  • Debtors Letters
  • Clear Down Quotes
  • System Shutdown
emtoo Screenshot

What is emtoo? Business management software for fuel distributors. Find out more on our website: 1 hour, 48 min ago via HootSuite