Designed to meet the ever-changing requirements of the modern fuel distributor, emtoo is business management software built for you.


Boasting a range of Customer Relationship Managment features, including customer records management, letters maintenance and extensive reporting features, emtoo can help you stay one step ahead.

Staying in touch with your customers is key in any business.

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The Sales Ledger and Sales Order Processing functionality form the cornerstone of the emtoo Sales module, allowing you to take control of your business.

The Sales module also includes Payments and Allocations, Load and Confirm processes, plus Vehicle, Driver and Price Maintenance.

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Knowing what stock is available to you at any given time is a must! emtoo is updated, in Real-Time, to ensure you know where every litre of fuel is at all times.

Including Stock Control and Product Maintenance features, you can group products, manage Stock Movements and Rebrandings from just one system.

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emtoo also enables you to manage your Purchases from the same system, incorporating the Purchase Ledger.

Extensive reporting, maintenance and journal entry procedures ensure you can stay on top of your purchasing and cash flow.

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All screen layouts are designed to ensure that entering data is as fast and straight forward as possible.

An individual Favourites menu allows you to keep all of your most used procedures in one easy to access place.


The familiar Windows look and feel means that emtoo is quick to learn and easy to use.

Simple navigation and well-structured menus ensure that any procedure or function you require is easy to find.


Powerful reporting and management functions put you in control of your business, from financial reports to vehicle and driver efficiency reports.

Designed for the Fuel industry, emtoo can help with RDCO compliancy, Fuel card management and much more.


Secure menu access, right down to individual procedures, lets you provide staff with access to only the menu items they need to use.

Fuel Cards

If your business deals with Fuel Cars, emtoo has a module designed to suit. It fits seamlessly into the core application to ensure all of your records are kept up to date.

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Boiler Maintenance

Our Boiler Maintenance procedures slot into the core CRM module of emtoo, enabling you to support your customers as needed.

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Imagine being able to deliver fuel to your customers just when they need it! The Signalman module will do exactly that - placing orders directly into the system when your customer is running low.

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& Much More...

Integrating a range of solutions into one product provides you with a consolidated view of your business. Some of our other modules include Credit Cards, Direct Debit and Direct Credit functionality and Cheque Printing.

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quoteAs a start-up fuel distributor, emtoo was exactly the product we needed to get up and running. With all the key functions in one place I can see exactly how we are doing at all times. The modules available and flexibility of the system means it will expand as our business grows - something I am very much looking forward to!quote

Colin Owens, Managing Director

quoteIt has been the level of support that has distinguished BSS from any other IT supplier we have used - and that simply comes down to the quality & attitude of the whole organisation.quote

Financial Controller

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